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Masego March - Tackling Youth Unemployment through ICT Training

Name: Masego March
Age: 19
Occupation: IT Technician

Masego March is a smart and ambitious 19 year old from Rabie Ridge, Johannesburg.

After completing her matric at Sandton View High School last year, Masego’s dreams for continuing her studies were crushed by her family’s inability to pay for high education. Only possessing a matric certificate, job hunting took its toll.

All that changed when she found out about the IT Training Scholarships offered by Change the World Trust, thanks to a strong partnership with Dell Development Fund.

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Faith Muyengwa - Passion & hard work is your admission ticket to a better place

Name: Faith Muyengwa
Age: 25
Occupation: IT Programmes Specialist

Faith Muyengwa‘s life story is a true reflection of what can happen when one is committed and passionate to improve. Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, Faith was raised by a single mother with her elder sister, nephews and nieces. As times began to get tough, her mother struggled to afford all their necessities and that is when she made a decision to seek for work at a rose plantation after completing her matric in 2006.

As the economy in her country kept on deteriorating, she then moved with her sister to Johannesburg, South Africa with the hopes to pursue a better life.

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Hour of Code has come to the North West Province

If we want to see change and improvement in our communities we need to start doing things differently. Change the World Trust is a non-profit leader in ICT Training, passionate about changing mind-sets and making a positive social impact through high quality programs and interventions.

On the 9th of April 2016, Change the World hosted an exciting Hour of Code Workshop for 24 teachers, principals and district officials from the Dept. of Basic Education in Mmabtho, Mafikeng.

Sponsored by Dell Development Fund, the training included awareness about the need for computer science and coding in our schools, hands-on practical applications and the fantastic results we can expect from the program, such as increased youth employment, a skilled workforce, empowered youth able to further their studies...and the list goes on.

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Peter Siziba - Leeto lestwela pele

Name: Peter Siziba
Age: 30
Occupation: Junior IT Specialist (Omega Digital Technology – Wood mead)

I was born and raised in a family of nine, in Limpopo. My father and grandparents passed away when I was very young. My siblings and I were left with our mother who was the sole breadwinner.

Unfortunately in 2001, my mother also passed on and I was left with my four siblings. Life was very hard growing up without parents as we could not afford basic things that other children enjoyed. At the age of 15, I relocated to a boarding school in Benoni (East of Gauteng), but unfortunately I dropped out due of financial constraints.

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Hour of Code: Classrooms of Tomorrow

Published by: LeadSA
Article Link: http://www.leadsa.co.za/articles/12615/hour-of-code-classrooms-of-tomorrow
Written by: Dianne Mc Alpine
Date: 5 April 2016

The most revolutionary form of education expected to reach thousands of youth starting this Saturday.

Change the World Trust in Collaboration with Department of Education is holding nothing back, ensuring South African youth are equipped for the world stage. Through launching of the Hour of Code in rural communities thousands of youth will now have access to free Computer science education, a language that is rapidly becoming essential to our everyday life’s in the technology we depend on from an early age.

"Everyone in this country should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think. — Steve Jobs" 

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