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Hour of Code has come to the North West Province

If we want to see change and improvement in our communities we need to start doing things differently. Change the World Trust is a non-profit leader in ICT Training, passionate about changing mind-sets and making a positive social impact through high quality programs and interventions.

On the 9th of April 2016, Change the World hosted an exciting Hour of Code Workshop for 24 teachers, principals and district officials from the Dept. of Basic Education in Mmabtho, Mafikeng.

Sponsored by Dell Development Fund, the training included awareness about the need for computer science and coding in our schools, hands-on practical applications and the fantastic results we can expect from the program, such as increased youth employment, a skilled workforce, empowered youth able to further their studies...and the list goes on.

The Hour of Code Workshop is an introduction to a free coding curriculum available for all, done through gaming activities, stimulating essential skills like creativity, computational thinking and problem-solving.

Attendees eagerly learnt and applied the coding principles. The Dept. of Basic Education officials understood the urgency to bring computers to schools in communities and committed themselves to making this happen. Educators and principals thoroughly enjoyed the program being offered them and have now each committed to training this free program in their classrooms over the next 12 months.

Change the World Trust will be providing follow-up training and giving awards to the teachers who best implement the program. Top students will be recognised and selected for further, in-depth training. All of this with the end goal of enhancing the skills and abilities of our youth to prepare them for the future! Please join us in ‘changing the world’ by volunteering or donating to the cause.

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