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The Hour of Code

What is “The Hour of Code?”

The Hour of Code can be broken down as follows:

  • A campaign that raises awareness for the need of coding in schools.
  • Allows anyone to learn to code.
  • Is fun, provides multiple levels of fully interactive courses built on micro-projects which build confidence and allow self-study and learning.
  • Can be done anywhere on any connected device.
  • Is offered free of Charge.

The concept behind the Hour of Code is to energize, encourage and empower students, in their current state, in their current school with the power to code. The power-to-create is strong within every young person and many just love this opportunity to begin “creating” through code. So why do we have to wait until Maths and Sciences are perfect before we begin creating opportunity, opening minds to limitless possibilities and teaching new and exciting [coding] languages to the youth?

“Hour of Code” was first launched in late 2013 by the Non-Profit Organization Code.org. It received unprecedented support from a broad range of celebrities and powerful personalities ranging from President Obama to singer Shakira and achieved 20 million signups in the first year. As of 2015, South African Youth now have an opportunity to take part in this worldwide campaign and develop key skills on the language of the future. 


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