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Faith Muyengwa - Passion & hard work is your admission ticket to a better place

Name: Faith Muyengwa
Age: 25
Occupation: IT Programmes Specialist

Faith Muyengwa‘s life story is a true reflection of what can happen when one is committed and passionate to improve. Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, Faith was raised by a single mother with her elder sister, nephews and nieces. As times began to get tough, her mother struggled to afford all their necessities and that is when she made a decision to seek for work at a rose plantation after completing her matric in 2006.

As the economy in her country kept on deteriorating, she then moved with her sister to Johannesburg, South Africa with the hopes to pursue a better life.

After job-hunting for a while, Faith found a job in Limpopo as a caregiver for a terminally-ill person. After three years of such work, Faith returned to Johannesburg in 2012 with the vision & purpose to help others. 

Little did she know that her life was about to be catapulted into a life-changing opportunity: Change the World Trust IT Training Scholarships–free, accredited training being offered in Midrand. 

No matter where you’re from passion & hard work is your admission ticket to a better place.

‘’When I got accepted under the scholarship program, I was very excited because I was finally going to learn a skill. At that moment I knew my life was about to launch forward”.

During her training, Faith discovered a passion for IT and demonstrated exceptional performance, completing the course with an overall distinction of 89%. Faith got offered an IT internship with CTW and has since grown into the management team as an IT Programs Specialist: “They did not employ me just because they needed to fill a gap, but rather because I displayed a passion for learning, which overflowed into all of my responsibilities”.

To date, Faith has trained over 900 unemployed and needy young people across South Africa. 

Her passion for innovation and learning is contagious and her students readily pick up the various programming languages being taught. 

Her dream is to bring this fantastic opportunity to her hometown: 

“Change the World has transformed my life. My purpose has always been to empower poverty-stricken individuals and now I get to experience such change first-hand. Kids who were discouraged and demotivated are now confident in their skills and abilities and have renewed perspective on life. I want to see this transformation reaching youth across Southern Africa, in marginalised and rural communities.”


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